Friday, 31 October 2014

the owls cafe.

went to the owls cafe with my otp last... few weeks (i dont even remember when lol). it is located at bukit jalil. if you're familiar with murni discovery bukit jalil, yes this cafe is located at those shop blocks (jalil link? or something), still along jalan jalil perkasa.

it's located at the first floor of block 5, above chatime and few shops away from oldtown

the owls cafe sign everywhereee

now let's go to their signature dish. what's so special about this cafe? well it's a cafe and not a restaurant so don't expect to find any main course dish here. all they have is.... drinks and waffle! haha it's better that way, to focus on few dishes only rather than have 43568229 menu but none suited your taste lol. anyway their waffle is to die for~ i've tried 'rebecca' waffle and i must say.. it's not overrated. you might wanna come again once you tasted it lol.

my 'rose latte' and 'rebecca' waffle! yummy!

list of drinks

list of waffles. feel like trying 'the queen' after this!

it's quite packed especially on weekends so you might want to come early (they open at 10am). sometimes rebecca might get out of stock too! too bad~ but that shows how popular she is lol. and they play nice soothing songs too, 내스타일이야! lol. and i just love the ambiance.

and if you're wondering, you won't find any owl here (except for the owl painting lol). maybe the owner loves owl, i dont know. there's owl cafe at seoul & osaka.. and i know they do have owl. LOL.. maybe they can consider to bring a live owl here to attract more people. ORZ

12-1, 1st floor, block 5, jalan jalil jaya 6, bukit jalil, 57000 kuala lumpur

how to go:
set your waze/google map to THIS location!

business hours:
mon: close
tue-thu: 10am - 7pm
fri-sat: 10am - 11pm
sun: 10am - 7pm

instagram: HERE
facebook: HERE

i'll start writing all my cafehopping activities (coz i'm lifeless like that). i don't have anything else to write anyway.. til then, toodles!~

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

mili mo from malaysia, again ㅋㅋㅋ.

it was mwave meet & greet event with 2PM last friday (only wooyoung & chansung presented tho.. others are busy lol). it was raining that evening so i fell asleep and didn't stream through mwave website. woke up around 7++ and suddenly i got few twitter notifications from tlist saying that they (woo & chan) read my message! OMFGGGGG lol people said best thing always happen when you didn't expect it. and it's true omg?

this was like my 3rd mwave m&g attempt. the first one is with taec for his okcat stuff, bought okcat mobile charm and didn't get picked. the 2nd one is with GOT7, bought 4 albums (LIKE WTF) and didn't get picked (LIKE SRSLY WTF). and this is the 3rd one.. with my ultimate love, 2PM~ lol. i even promised myself that i'm just gonna buy 1 album, cause i already dead broke with 2 go crazy albums - normal & grand edition plus i just came back from bangkok for go crazy tour trip. if i didn't get picked this time, it's gonna be my last mwave m&g attempt and i'm just gonna say byebye to oppars lol. but it didn't happen!! SO YES I'LL STICK WITCHU FOREVER OPPAR KEEP PRODUCING MORE ALBUMS & GOODS and i'll be declared bankrupt by the age of 27.

thanks to my eye-catchy DP (that famous yellow rubber duck) tbh i know either one of them will get attracted with this duck lmfaooo. anyway thank u oppars for reading my message! it's truly came from my heart i just have to let it out somewhere. it's so true that i'm (and other MYHottest too) getting poorer each day because we always need to travel overseas to attend their concert & tour, just because they didn't come to our country! LOL as if we can't make any choice. was a bit worried at first cause i'm scared these 2 non-english speakers will have trouble in reading those english messages but whatever u guys are great and we really appreciate your effort! kkk thank u oppars 사랑해! <3

lmfao chansung's 'OPPAAAAAARSS' is so qt ide

so this is like my 2nd already. the first one was from junho back in 2011 (wrote about it HERE lol). well wooyoung is better cause he said 'mili mo' perfectly instead of 'miri mo' lolol /side eyes someone ㅋㅋ

Sunday, 19 October 2014

back to blogging mood.

so yes, i haven't yet finished writing about my japan trip.. and other trips lol. i'll just list it down here, pending or whatnot (cause i'm an OCD, i CAN'T leave anything without a list omg my tragic life). and cause i love travelling so much all my future posts will basically revolves around my trip journal.. and cafe hopping activity.. and some kpop stuff lol wow what a boring life.

but whatever i'm back to blogging mood (cause i have LOTSSS of free time now) lol.


1. trip to seoul - blogged about them HERE
2. trip to bangkok
3. trip to singapore
4. trip to sabah
5. trip to jakarta - a short weekend trip so no need to blog? lol


1. trip to bangkok
2. trip to bandung - blogged about them HERE
3. trip to seoul
4. trip to singapore - a short weekend trip so no need to blog? lol


1. trip to singapore - gonna start blog about it soon (lol really?)
2. trip to japan (tokyo & osaka) - wrote 2 posts just for DAY 1 lol HERE (finish it faster!)
3. trip to brunei - gonna start blog about it soon
4. trip to hong kong - gonna start blog about it soon
5. trip to bangkok - gonna start blog about it soon (self, just pls keep your promise)

i should stop visiting thailand, indonesia & south korea tbh. i really wanna visit other countries too e.g australia & vietnam etc just to name a few lol. can 2PM include these countries in their tour list so i can go thereeeeeeeee (well 70% of my trips are because of 2PM u know about it already right).

GOT7 'A' MV filming location.

i guess almost all IGOT7 (around the world~ lol) & kpop fans (in malaysia) know about this already. well last june, out of a sudden, on a bright sunday morning suddenly ppl start talking about GOT7 is coming to malaysia to shoot their latest MV! lol and we got so shocked but at that time i was on my way to PD trip with my family so yeah i cant really welcome them at the airport sobs. but i was still jobless that week (lol) so i still managed to follow them at almost (not all tho) their filming location for 4 days (NOT STALK pls jsyk lol).

the best thing was, they were still rookies so u know.. the feeling is different lol like there weren't so many fans (yet) and it's all about them and you and you and you lol. and it was the best week ever cause some ppl might know how much i like youngjae (just as much as i like junho <3), so it was like... for the first in my life someone that i like, recognize my tremendous love for them, so............ yep i'm a happy noonar <3

ok straight to the point. here are some of the filming location. if any of you international IGOT7 are happen to visit malaysia soon, or those non-klang valley MY IGOT7 want to visit KL, or anyone whoever you are, you gotta visit all these places and do parody ok. but first, if you never watched their 'A' MV yet, go watch it now so you'll get some idea about these places lol.

1. holy smoke cafe (section 13 shah alam)

well they shoot almost more than.. 60%? of 'A' MV here. it is located at section 13, shah alam (about 15 mins from my house lol), near stadium shah alam.

here it is~ looks familiar?

yes it is lol

and this?

yes from this scene lol

and this spot..

for this scene

i never knew about this cafe not until GOT7 came lol but they really have good foods and interior! (and friendly staff too) - wah is this some sort of free promotion or wat? treat me free nachos libre for my next visit thank u lol~

their nachos libre beef is just.. something to die for 냠냠

and some of my parody pics lmfao sorry i just cant help it.. i'm a parody noonar for years lol

parody 1

parody 2

parody 3

and during our latest visit (few weeks ago?) they're now displaying all those signed t-shirt & menu used in the MV

the menus hold by jr, mark, jackson & bambam in the MV


65, jalan bola jaring 13/15, seksyen 13, 40100 shah alam, selangor

how to go:

  • by train: take KTM commuter to batu 3 station or shah alam station --> take a cab to this cafe (just show them the address lol)
  • if you're driving your own car: just open your wazeeeeee and search for 'holy smoke cafe' orz

2. holy smoke cafe's back alley

it's a creepy back alley but it turned out so well in their album jacket! lol the power of editing~ well everything looks good when it comes to idols so it's not surprise lol

yeah this back alley~

.... for their album jacket lol

we did parody too ofc~ duhh lol (bad edit tho)

how to go: just walked out of holy smoke cafe lol it's their freakin back alley!

3. burger king (section 13 shah alam)

the rest of 'A' MV was shoot here and they changed the logo to 'A' lol. we didnt do any parody here cause.. idek.. there's not enough props? (they use all those classic cars haha)

it's an 'A mart' lol~

but i see u now, burger king~ lol


2, jalan lompat pagar 13/37, seksyen 13, 40100 shah alam, selangor

how to go:

  • by train: take KTM commuter to batu 3 station or shah alam station --> take a cab to this place (just tell them you wanna go to burger king section 13)
  • if you're driving your own car: just open your wazeeeeee and search for 'burger king seksyen 13' orz

4. street art @ laman seni (section 2 shah alam)

same like the back alley, this location was not featured in their MV but in their album booklet & poster only. the famous bas mini location featured in their teaser & poster! it is located at section 2, shah alam. still a back alley but a creative one lol. if you know kfc section 2 and those printing shops.. yeah that's the right place.

the famous old school bas mini (mini bus) lol

......... for this scene lol

haven't yet explored the other murals (?) tho lol

a parody ofc~ even bambam said "look really same" ㅋㅋ 땡큐 뱀뱀아~

how to go:

  • by train: take KTM commuter to batu 3 station or shah alam station --> take a cab to this place (just tell them you wanna go to kfc section 2. this street art is located in between of 2 rows of shoplots next to kfc)
  • if you're driving your own car: just open your wazeeeeee and search for 'laman seni seksyen 2' orz

5. tesco (mutiara damansara) (OTL)

it's not a joke but they really shoot their MV at tesco mutiara damansara, the one next to the curve and in front of ikea/ikano power centre lmfao. 

its really funny cause u know.. like where else u can see all those malay words in kpop MV lmfaooo

parody ofc... but there were so many unwanted stuff lol move it awayyy


jalan pju 7/4, mutiara damansara, 8, 47800 petaling jaya, selangor

how to go:

  • by train: take putra LRT to kelana jaya station --> take a cab to this place (just tell them you wanna go to tesco mutiara damansara, next to the curve/ikea/ikano power centre)
  • if you're driving your own car: just open your wazeeeeee and search for 'tesco mutiara damansara' orz

so it's a wrap. i hope you gonna have fun visiting all these places lol. anyway we did some parody shooting for our 'a song 4 u' video too but sadly we didn't get picked, but whatever~ just hope that GOT7 will come again to malaysia soon, for.. asia tour? LOL (high hopes) ok maybe for a showcase or fan meeting or whatever first but just come and this time not as a secret visit ok! <3

Monday, 28 April 2014

malaysia breakfast day run 2014.

had my first 7km run yesterday for malaysia breakfast day run 2014 a.k.a milo run! i never joined any >5km run before this lol so i can proudly say.. i managed to finish it within my own time limit.. which is 1hour 30mins! lol. yup it's too slow for regular marathon runners but i ain't marathon runner and with my health condition summore, being able to finish a running/walkathon event is already an achievement for me. yeay!

finish! yeaaayy

did u just finish a half marathon run~ lulz. told chu i'm THAT slow

this event was held at dataran putrajaya at 7am. there were so many ppl there fuhhh it's so hard even to park your car! yea cause everyone wanna get medal is itttt lol. so we started running at 7-ish am. for the first 1km i was like.. ok let's run-walk-run-walk-run. and when i came to the 2nd km spot, i started walk til the end! lol i just can't run with my aching legs (cause we had kl hop on hop off bus ride the day before, gonna write about this later! ahah). anyway, i finished my 7km run (read: WALK) in 1 hour 23 mins. so freakin slowwww but whatever~ kkk.

met dila my ex-lunch partner too! weeps 보고싶어~

long a** queue line for free milo #someleisian

and my next event gonna be.. vitagen walkathon 2014! register HERE. come come and join us there'll be vitagens in your goodie bag for suree lol~ #freepromotion