Sunday, 28 July 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - day 1: toko tiga.

so the 2nd mission for day 1 is.. toko tiga! which is located at jalan jenderal ahmad YANI lol. can't stahp membahan yani and we were like "nnt beli jeans ko ckp la ni jalan ko, sure dpt diskaunnn" lmfao. ok not funny.

toko tiga is actually a jeans heaven! ppl said that they sell original levi's jeans here.. but i'm not really sure tho. lol. i don't even know how to differentiate original/fake jeans. surry. i only haz a pair of levi's jeans before and i stahp wearing it 2 years ago cuz it's getting smaller day by day. LOL.

looks like original eh? don't ask me. i dannaaa

so i bought a pair of jeans for 329,000 IDR (~ rm99) heh. quite cheap la. and surprisingly it becomes my fav jeans til now! lol so comfy. oh we can ask them to alter the jeans too for 10,000 IDR (~ rm3). they'll alter the bottom part based on our heights and sew it back with the original hems!

bapak bapak tukang alter jeans

now i feel like going there again to buy another pair of jeans sobseu~

trip to bandung 2013 - day 1: pasar baru.

our first mission today is pasar baru! it's a trade center - mainly for wholesale but we still can buy in smaller quantity. basically it's a place where u can find kain sulam, lace, telekung etc etc. obviously it's a shopping heaven for women (not me..maybe haha). but i still end up buying 10 sets of kain sulam tho. self, why are u like this?

my breakfast - nasi goreng with telur mata (itu je yg yakin dimakan kkk)

after breakfast. pantang nampak cermin lol

so we reached pasar baru quite super early in the morning. after breakfast, cecep pick us up from our hotel and straightly went to pasar baru... when the shops doesn't even opened yet! lol! so we were like their first customers on that day. usually the first customers will get 'harga pecah telur' like a special price they offered for their earlybird customers - supaya senang masuk rezeki afterwards katanya. something like that lah.

yani was helping them to open their kedai lol

the first shop we went - sir cinta citra busana. coz it is located at lantai parkir 5 (parking lot 5th floor). cecep park our van directly right next to this shop, so ofc we have to go to this kedai. lol. i think they have some connection, like u-bring-customers-to-my-shop-i-give-u-some-commission- etc lol. layankan jelah. their kain is quite ok, not that expensive. but since it is only the first kedai, why don't we jalan2 round2 inside the building first. then cecep introduce us to his cousin (?), yus, who will help us to tour inside pasar baru. "eh ga perlu risau.. ga perlu bayar.. ikhlas aja mau berapa". ermm. but it's ok la. at least we won't lost and he will help us to pick up our shopping bag and send it to our van at 5th floor parking. 

the next shop we went - sir cinta citra busana. again. but this is one is located at another floor (they haz 43562783643739 sir cinta here btw lmfao i dont even know). i don't buy anything here coz mainly it sells kain plain or kain corak same je cam kat jalan tar lol but with cheaper price ofc. only paru & pika bought so many kain here for their wedding later.

pilih noks pilih pilih

while lemme camwhoring first~

then while waiting for paru & pika; me, yani & nad went to the upper floor - for them to buy kartu sim (sim cards) and for me just to topup my credits. so i topup for 25,000 IDR (~ rm 7.50) which surprisingly can lasts for 3 days! so cheap meh. maybe cause i mainly use it just to access internet & to sms my mom back in malaysia. kkk.

tgh pilih nombor cantek (nk guna 3 hari je pon padahalnyeee)

the next shop we went - the cosmo. this is actually my favourite shop among all other shops we went here.  mainly because of this..

endless teh botol, coffee, orange juice, currypuff, etc etc lol

and i can sleep likeabawse here lol

i bought 1 set of kain ela (plain) and 1 metre of lace for 220,000 IDR (~ rm 60). not really sure when i'm gonna wear this. perhaps i'll wear it for my wedding later. when? I DON'T EVEN KNOW lmfao by the time nak kawin, kain pon da kene makan lipas OTL.

the kain ela

the lace

some batik indo if u can see it~

the next shop we went - sir cinta citra busana. again and again and again LOL. tol chuu.. they legit haz connection. this one is located at lantai 4 (4th floor) anyway. i bought 3 sets of kain sulam for 111,000 IDR each (~ rm 33), 1 set of kain sulam for 160,000 IDR (~ rm 48) and 3 kain batik for 40,000 IDR each (~ rm 12).

pretty kain sulam!

then we took a break for lunch, coz everyone was hungry. obviously lol. so we went to the food court (not sure at which floor surry). 

we choose kemangi sundanise & seafood.. just because. lol

ayam penyet for lunch! 22,000 IDR (~ rm 6.60)

and jus alpukat tsk so yummy! 13,000 IDR (~ rm 3.90)

then we continue our journey (lol) to find kain telekung. so went to this shop - not sure the name tho. and i bought just 1 set of telekung for myself haha. while everyone bought telekung for their families back home~

pretty kain telekung

the next shop we went - seroja jaya. not sure at which floor but they haz pretty kain sulam too! some of them are cotton-materials which is my favourite. but i forgot to snap the pix ㅋㅋ.

the next and the last shop we went before going back - sir cinta citra busana! lololol. jk this is the first shop we went in the morning. since our van was parked right next to this shop, we still have to visit this shop lah. and i end up buying 1 set of kain sulam for 160,000 IDR (~ rm 48), 2 sets of kain sulam for 180,000 IDR each (~ rm 54) and 4 sets of kain pelikats (for dad & brothers) for 50,000 IDR each (~ rm 15) *freakin srsly hope none of my families are reading this post lmfaooo*

the damage. from pasar baru (minus the jeans - coz it's from toko tiga)

now, let's go to the sad & tragic part. among all of things i bought in the picture above, the things that were actually mine were only...

the right side

coz those other 8 set of kain sulam on the left side were in my lost luggage. yes my luggage that was M.I.A at LCCT after we reached malaysia few days later. lol. i'll write about this in another post, it's such a long long story.

so our next destination after pasar baru is toko tiga. see u in my next post about toko tiga, toodles!~

trip to bandung 2013 - arrival.

went to bandung on may with yani, nad, pika & paru. it can't be considered as petom's trip, obviously since only 3 of us were on this trip! lol. bought the airplane tix (from airasia ofc..where else) last january during promo. this is my 2nd time going to indonesia actually, the first one was last year, but it's kinda private trip (and only 1-day trip) so nobody knows.. ㅋㅋㅋ

so i've spent rm246 for the flight tix (return tix, including tax etc etc) and add on another rm50 for checked-in luggage.

our flight itinerary lol

we reached bandung's airport around 12am (1am malaysian time). since i got an indo simcard already (thanks rinabd!) i immediately turn on my data plan (thank god it still has some credits kkk). there's no wifi at the airport (or it doesn't really work.. i don't even know). then i whatsapp & sms andri (our supir's manager) to inform him that we already touched down. he didn't reply so i just make a call and thank god he pick it up! few mins later, our supir - cecep came with a van. yeay!

had mi cup on board (while watching gu family book) lol

our hotel - jelita parahyangan hotel is located just few mins away from the airport. we took 2 rooms - 1 family room for 4 pax (for us girls) and 1 single room (for paru since he's the only guy lol). booked the hotel through agoda 1 months earlier. our family room costs rm 682.64 for 4 nights (~ rm 171 per person) while paru's single room costs rm 246.80 for 4 nights. it's kinda old hotel (not creepy anyway) but for me it's quite ok~ the only thing that makes me turn off is - there's no wardrobe in our room! lol. 

our room

pak receptionist

immediately went to sleep coz tmrw's gonna be a looong day~ pasar baru & toko tiga mission! till then, see u in the next post lol toodles!~