Monday, 28 April 2014

malaysia breakfast day run 2014.

had my first 7km run yesterday for malaysia breakfast day run 2014 a.k.a milo run! i never joined any >5km run before this lol so i can proudly say.. i managed to finish it within my own time limit.. which is 1hour 30mins! lol. yup it's too slow for regular marathon runners but i ain't marathon runner and with my health condition summore, being able to finish a running/walkathon event is already an achievement for me. yeay!

finish! yeaaayy

did u just finish a half marathon run~ lulz. told chu i'm THAT slow

this event was held at dataran putrajaya at 7am. there were so many ppl there fuhhh it's so hard even to park your car! yea cause everyone wanna get medal is itttt lol. so we started running at 7-ish am. for the first 1km i was like.. ok let's run-walk-run-walk-run. and when i came to the 2nd km spot, i started walk til the end! lol i just can't run with my aching legs (cause we had kl hop on hop off bus ride the day before, gonna write about this later! ahah). anyway, i finished my 7km run (read: WALK) in 1 hour 23 mins. so freakin slowwww but whatever~ kkk.

met dila my ex-lunch partner too! weeps 보고싶어~

long a** queue line for free milo #someleisian

and my next event gonna be.. vitagen walkathon 2014! register HERE. come come and join us there'll be vitagens in your goodie bag for suree lol~ #freepromotion

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

KL hop-on hop-off (HOHO).

had my very first KL hop-on hop-off ride last saturday with.. who else, missb! (cause they're the only ones who're ALWAYS #foreveravailable to do crazy things with me, according to someone ㅋㅋ). bought groupon voucher back in february for only rm28 (3 person). the original price is rm19 per person ahahaha so it's almost 60% off! heh that's why i love all these vouchers/deals sites :)

bus stop no. 6

let's gooo!~

my ticket!

hurm i guess we're the only locals here... lol

we're as excited as everyone else so don't judge us mmkay lulz

wow these locals y u so essaited?

we get on the bus at stop no 6 (at jalan bukit bintang, in front of piccolo hotel, next to lot 10) which is one of kl hop-on hop-off main counters. the bus tours 22 stops around KL which covers 40 attractions! this is the most perfect option for tourists to cover mainly all attractions in KL (it's impossible to visit all so.. for some not-so-attractive attractions you don't even have to get off from the bus? just snap 1 or 2 pictures from your seat lol). and the 1-day pass can be used for the whole day, that's why they named it 'hop-on hop-off' cause basically you can hop on & off for gazillion times in 1 day lulz. and there's a 2-days pass too~

somewhere near petaling street

cause ppl are still using film cameras that's why they're still there? ㅋㅋ

hello ex-office lulz

DBKL a.k.a KL city hall

traffic jam everywhere hzz but this time i can see cars from upper deck lol


KL tower

for more info, you can visit kl hop on hop off website HERE. happy touring! :)

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

2014 running events in malaysia.

made this post so i can keep track about running events that i have (or want to) join in 2014. and i'm still looking for events for may, sept & dec (to fulfill my one event per month -except for july & aug because of puasa & raya- mission lulz)

1) the music run KL 2014 (DONE)

when: 23rd march 2014 / 7.30am
where: selangor turf club, sungai besi, balakong
category: N/A
entry fee: rm70 - individual / 15% discount - group of 4
race pack collection: 20th - 22nd march 2014 / fahrenheit88 ground floor atrium
how to register: HERE (CLOSED)

2) malaysia breakfast day run 2014 (DONE)

when: 20th april 2014 / 7.00am
where: perbadanan putrajaya
category: women's open 8km
entry fee: rm20 - early bird / rm30 - normal
race pack collection: 17th - 19th april 2014 / the school, jaya one
how to register: HERE (CLOSED)

3) vitagen walkathon 2014

when: 22nd june 2014 / 6.30am
where: tasik taman jaya
category: adult
entry fee: rm30
race pack collection: 21nd - 25th may 2014 / 1utama old wing concourse
how to register: HERE (closes on 25th april 2014)

4) bsn putrajaya night marathon 2014

when: 11th oct 2014 / 9.00pm
where: dataran putrajaya
category: 5km fun run
entry fee: rm40
race pack collection: 27th - 28th sept 2014 / wisma ocm, jalan hang jebat
how to register: HERE (closes on 31st july 2014)

5) standard chartered kl marathon 2014

when: 12th oct 2014 / 8.45am
category: 5km fun run / msig 10km
entry fee: rm40/rm50 - early bird / rm50/rm60 - normal / rm60/rm70 - late
race pack collection: N/A
how to register: HERE (starts on 25th april 2014 / closes on 15th aug 2014)

6) penang bridge international marathon (pbim) 2014

when: 16th nov 2014 / 8.00am
where: penang bridge
category: women 7km fun run
entry fee: rm20 - early bird / rm25 - normal
race pack collection: 17th aug 2014 / taman bukit jalil
how to register: HERE (closes on 30th sept 2014)

for other 34567322238 gazillion running events in malaysia (lol), you may check all these sites for updates:
i) - HERE
ii) themarathonshop - HERE
iii) pacesetters - HERE
iv) - HERE
v) myraceonline - HERE
vi) eventnook - HERE
vii) mynextrun - HERE