Thursday, 31 October 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - final day: departure.

our final day in bandung! can't wait to go back to malaysia tbh, but my body and mind is still not ready for office & workloads! lol. woke up super early that morning cuz our flight was supposed to depart at 8.30am. so yep, around 7am we were already waiting for cecep at the hotel lobby and ready to check out! it only took abt 15 mins from our hotel to bandung airport, so there's no need to rush :)

then we reached airport and bid our final goodbye with cecep ㅠㅠ gave him the supir fees for our 3 days in bandung (and some pocket money for him, as sedekah, or gift, or whatever u may call it lol). cuz he's so nice and it's hard not to give him anything! plus we can't really convert the rupiah balance to ringgit back in malaysia anyway. money changer doesn't really accept small notes and coins. tett out of topic!

after we've checked in, it was still about 8am. so we just waited there while eating all the junk foods we have lol. then it's 9am, but weren't we supposed to board at 8.20am? then we knew it already, that our flight is delayeddd! but there's no AA staff coming here to give any announcement. then it's 9.30am, more and more ppl are here already it makes the boarding area so packed! finally a staff came and said our 8.40am flight was stucked in typhoon previously so it was out of fuel it gotta detour to jakarta airport and refill the fuel. they said sorry for all the inconvenience caused and gave us mcd fried chicken (for compensation? blergh).

........ thanks anyway. mcd in indonesia is halal btw in case u're wondering lol

buat macam rumah sendiri 1

buat macam rumah sendiri 2

in the end, we depart around noon and reached LCCT around 2pm. 헐 malaysia i miss uuu. then we proceed to the luggage belt and wait patiently for our luggage. everyone got their luggage already but i'm still waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting.. till the belt stopped moving. i was like.... what the **** is happening and where is my freakin luggage? lol. so i went to the AA info counter and they helped me looking for the luggage using my booking number etc etc but still failed to find it. in the end, my luggage is declared MISSING. lol. it's not just an ordinary luggage with pyjamas and toiletries anyway, it's a freakin luggage with everything that i bought in bandung for 3 days were inside there! ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ thank god i put some of the kains i bought at pasar baru inside my cabin luggage. and all those brownies and bagelen too.

bandung survivors, just 4 of them lol

after filling out the form with all the details about my luggage, i went back home with mixed feelings (ofc, duhh). i feel like crying seriously, since this is my first time going to bandung and everything that i bought were not really for myself. most of them are for my families, so i feel a bit sad.. no souvenirs for them then? ㅠㅠ slept for few hrs and i woke up feeling dizzy and started having flu and all OTL. took 1 day mc for the next day and i spent the whole day sleeping.. (while thinking abt how unlucky i am) lmao.

1 week later, i went to LCCT again and the AA staff brought me to the luggage store (it was so small and dark umg). so this gonna be my last chance and hopefully my luggage will be there! sadly, it wasn't there. so yep, i accept this as my fate.. all those things i bought couldn't be mine. and there must be a reason behind it.. huhu. i accept it wholeheartedly. xde rezeki lah tu. then the staff asked me to fill in another form again and said i have to wait for another few weeks for them to try find the luggage at other airports first (it might be wrongly transferred) before they can start proceed with the compensation. i was like.. u will.. compensate?? 진짜?? WOOOOOOAAAAHHHH! ok then. i'm happy now! hahaha. so in the end (after few weeks of waiting), i got about rm 630 (20 usd for every 1 kg, so 10 kg = 200 usd ~ rm 630) kikiki. alhamdulillah.

so it's a wrap for my bandung trip. such a bittersweet trip.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - day 3: javanese massage.

* gotta finish bandung trip posts a.s.a.p cause i've started feeling annoyed. it has been 5 months for god's sake lol just freakin finish this up! OTL.

so aktiviti di jam-jam terakhir di bandung ialah...

1. last minute's kain & bandung t-shirts & fridge magnets at pasar baru
2. brownies & bagelen shopping at kartika sari. nice choice for souvenirs to bring back home for family & colleagues!
3. nasi padang for dinner! at mitra sederhana pasteur
4. and lastly...


lol this is my first time having javanese massage (all types of massage tbh) so yep, excuse my extra excitement. it feels so nice and relaxing umg like all those tired feeling will slowly fade away. and you'll feel so fresh!! so the massage room was divided into 2 - one for man and another one for woman. don't worry, male tukang urut for male, and female for female. of course. and my tukang urut unnir is so nice, she was born to be a tukung urut imo. and i went to sleep few mins after she started her task. how comfy is that lol!

had our javanese massage at ubud massage family spa. it's a part of bali heaven FO that we've visited on day 2. and it's 150000 IDR (~ rm45) for a 30 mins or 1 hr massage i don't really remember. but still, so cheap! u won't get any massage for rm45 here in KL lol.

and yeah it's our last and final night in bandung. our flight back to malaysia was scheduled to be at 8.30am on the following day. but.............

to be continued in the next post. cause i wanna sleep now lol toodles!

trip to bandung 2013 - day 3: kampung daun.

had our lunch at kampung daun on our way back from tangkuban perahu. it's really a nice place not gonna lie. reason being..

1. it's a 'back to nature' kind of place


2. u gonna have your your own gazebo! 

walau lah kene duduk bersila but it's so nice. and it's all yours do whatever you want there (err.. no double meaning pls)

 make yourself at home!~

3. nice and scrumptious sundanese foods!

as usual, my all-time favourite ayam penyet, lele penyet, whatever penyet. and there's more! they got gurame goreng, gurgor bumbu cobek (?), nasi timbel and the list goes on lol. and i had nasi kukus kampung daun! so nice and not that pricey (for me, at least). it's just 47500 IDR (~ rm14.25) and iced tea (LOL) for 6000 IDR (~ rm1.80). CHEAPPPPP ISN'T IT cause i don't order expensive and more exotic foods like the others lmao /slap self.

my nasi kukus kampung daun! lol it looks like a simple nasi lemak with chicken but nope it doesn't taste like nasi lemak at all. it's nasi kukus yaww. steamy rice! lol

paru & nad's ayam panggang madu - 50000 IDR (~ rm15)

yani's gurame goreng (don't ask me what is gurame cause believe me i srsly have no idea~) - 85000 IDR (~ rm25.50) yep mahal nak mati

pika's gurgor bumbu cobek ok now what is gurgor and what is cobek lol - 85000 IDR (~ rm 25.50)

well i only haz 3 valid reasons lol surry. but if you're looking for a nice place to have your lunch in bandung (other than kedai belacan & stone cafe), then kampung daun is the final answer! LOL.

til then, toodlesssssssssss!~

Monday, 14 October 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - day 3: tangkuban perahu.

went to tangkuban perahu on our 2nd last day in bandung. it is actually a dormant volcano, which means "it is not currently active but is believed to be still capable of erupting". holycrap lol i dont even know it is a dormant volcano before i start writing this entry. so i went there earlier with thoughts ~it's an inactive one so why do i have to bother~ mind. LOL.

woke up a bit earlier that day cause we wanna go there as early as we could ((so we would have more time for 2nd round of pasar baru later at evening kkk)). had our breakfast and cecep already waited for us at the lobby. then off we go to tangkuban perahu. it took about 1 hour if i'm not mistaken.

camwhoring on our way to tangkuban perahu lol

so we have to pay about 53000 IDR (~ rm15.90) for the entrance fees. there were quite many ppl on that day, since it's sunday~ (or that's how it is everyday, i dont even know lol). and please note that 435267382 salesmen (?) will follow u wherever u go and bugging u to buy things they sell e.g fruits, souvenirs etc (WITH UNREASONABLE PRICE LOL). it's so annoying i know but that's the way for them to earn their living. so just let them be. u can try to mark down the price to the rate of reasonable one, if u want. for me, i just didn't bother coz they'll stop following u if they can find other potential customers who bother to buy their products. ㅋㅋㅋ

those 'salesmen' at the back just finished bugging us with their products (but like i said.. we didnt bother~ camwhoring first haha)

and.. tangkuban perahu is so pretttttttttttttttttttttyy i dont even know how to describe it. it's something that we don't have in malaysia (well i'm thankful tbh we don't have a volcano here lol). but yes this beautiful scenery should be appreciated.

gambar wajib sesiapa yg pegi sini?

and that is kawah ratu (queen's crater) the biggest crater in tangkuban perahu.. with a beautiful queen doing a peace sign there

she is so pretty, isn't she?

one of my favorite picture

these ppl seriously live here, right next to a crater OTL

us. and cecep at the back lol

in the end we bought fruits from one of those salesmen, since cecep said the price is quite ok. not really sure if they have connection or something or whatever it is lol but we just need to eat something anyway. and they are quite fresh. so i bought 1 box of strawberries and 1 box of raspberries for 20000 IDR each (~ rm6 each). still cheap for me.

our next destination is to have our lunch at kampung daun! ohh hoo this is the nicest place to have your lunch if u're in bandung. will write about this in my next post. bubye!~

* and i bought 1kg of buah alpukat (avocado) on our way back for 15000 IDR (~ rm4.50). mom's order~ lol

Sunday, 13 October 2013

2014's first trip.

will be heading to ............

tokyo & osaka for my first trip in 2014. ㅋㅋㅋ got to start learning basic kanji now! or i'll be a dead meat. OTL

Saturday, 5 October 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - day 2: stone cafe.

had our day 2 dinner at stone cafe located at dago atas (dago hill?) so it's a bit chilly at night. if you ever been to lookout point ampang, yep it's quite similar to this stone cafe. but all the menus, ofc are better. LOL.

you can see the whole bandung from here! #exaggerates lol

sapo tahu seafood? tak dop sapo ye tahu. thai fired rice? umg nasi yg dipecat!

so i had stone in the show pizza (share it together with nad) for 68,000 IDR (~ rm 20.40), iced tea for 15,000 IDR (~ rm 4.50). and pisang goreng keju for dessert! for 23,000 IDR (~ rm 6.90).

stone in the show pizza. ok-ok la

pisang goreng keju~ nyummy!

 iced tea. should've said iced tea with milk. cuz it's common to say teh ais (iced tea) in malaysia and you'll get an iced tea with milk ㅠㅠ LOL

tempat berkarok juga disediakan jika terasa mau menyanyi lagu judika lol tetibe. a recommended place to have your dinner if you're in bandung!

Friday, 4 October 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - day 2: kedai belacan.

had our lunch on day 2 at kedai belacan! it is located at jalan halmahera, quite near to the secret factory outlet (FO) jalan riau. this restaurant is quite famous since most all supirs will bring their tourists here as it is a halal restaurant. besides it is a sundanese restaurant umg i love sundanese foooooooods!!

kedai belacan!

the interior~

the menu~~

the kelaparan ppl~

 another 2 kelaparan ppl~

the kelaparan perot dinasor ppl~ lol

ayam kampung bambu! omg so sedap

cumi belacan! cumi is sotong btw. sotong goreng belacan la kire. sedapppp ㅠㅠ

ayam penyet!! can eat this everyday tho i srsly dont mind OTL

and soda gembiraaaaaaaa. gembira sgt lepas minum

and so we ordered 6 rice (belanje cecep sekali), ayam kampung bambu, cumi belacan, ayam penyet, sup sayur and everyone ordered our own drinks. total we had to pay was 355,000 IDR (rm 106.50). so divide by 5, 71,000 IDR (~ rm 21.30) per person. cheap isn't it? i think it's cheap. lol. don't forget to ask your supir to bring you to this restaurant. recommended!

trip to bandung 2013 - day 2: factory outlets.

our day 2 mission was for.. 4356278496282 factory outlets (FO) around bandung! ahah. there are many FOs in bandung but we only went to bali heaven, the secret, aamani, oasis and rumah mode. bilang aja mau kemana, pasti dibawa sama si cecep~ lol.

gambar wajib after breakfast, while waiting for cecep lol

i) bali heaven

so our first FO is bali heaven (in bandung not in bali obviously LOL) located at jalan pasir kaliki. just few mins away from our hotel! hehe. and i gotta say that i like this FO the most! they're a bit pricey compared to other FOs but i like everything about bali heaven, the concept, the ambiances, the uber friendly staffs and their excellent services. thumbs up! bought 3 cardigans for 110,000 IDR (~ rm 33) each, 1 jeggings for 190,000 IDR (~ rm 57) and 1 beaded pouch for 25,000 IDR (~ rm 7.50).

us, in front of bali heaven kkk

colourful shirts..

and jeggings..

and cardigans..

and accessories..

and blouses hmm can i just buy the whole shop OTL

and there's a mini park (?) in the building too

at the entrance

and they have spa too, in case you're too tired of shopping and need javanese massage. haha. went to the spa on our final night in bandung. will blog abt it in another post! ㅋㅋ

ii) the secret

our second FO is the secret, located at jalan riau. i like this FO too, but there were so many ppl here at that moment, so i was like.. ughh, but i still bought a blouse, a super wide pashmina, a PJs and another cardigan. but i don't remember the exact price, since nad paid it using her credit card. muahahar. then she lost the receipt so in the end i just pay whatever amount i want, in rm, after we went back to malaysia. ㅋㅋㅋ

they got a park too in between the secret building and unusual building (another FO)

ahhah icu upin, ipin, meimei, mail etc lool

pweeeetttyyy (lamp) lol

iii) aamani

it's a muslim wears FO located across the secret. didn't plan to go here tho. heard from cecep that paru & pika went to 'armani' then we were like eh got armani FO here? where? then cecep brought us there~ and suddenly we saw this..

hampeh. it's aamani not armani (exchange) lmfaoooooo

pantang nampak cermin, as usual~

i like how they display their shawls here

not sure if it's a real branch tho but whatever~ lol

then we went for lunch at kedai belacan at jalan riau. will write abt this restaurant in another post!

iv) oasis

our third FO is oasis, located at jalan riau. yup jalan riau is quite famous with its FOs. but i don't really like this one. not much variety for clothes u can buy with the same price at local uptown/downtown~ meh. i just bought 1 shirt for 25,000 IDR (~ rm 7.50). then me & yani went camwhoring and sleeping on the bench provided while waiting for the others. LOL.


and sleeping! told chu lol

he even paint his face with metallic paint ㅠㅠ just to earn few IDR per day sobs

and these kids too.. it's so heartbreaking

v) rumah mode

rumah mode (pronounced as mou-dey lol), which is located at jalan setiabudi is the most popular FO in bandung, hence explained how crowd it was everyday and since we came on saturday, it was.. worse. i feel dizzy and i end up throwing up my lunch. lol disgusting but that's how i end my FO day trip. i didn't buy anything here obviously. spent 2 hours here, sleeping on the couch. LOL sad but true.

was thiiiiiiiiiis close to throw up at this moment lol

sleepy but still trying so hard to check in to foursquare lmfao

fell asleep while waiting for foursquare to load cries

rumah mode's toilet. u can always say hi to the neighbour next door lmaooo

vi) paris van java

then we went to paris van java, located at jalan sukajadi. not an FO but it's actually a big mall (maybe the only one? i don't even know) in bandung. so yeah.. going here made me realize how big the gap between those ppl that i met on the street and keep asking for money, and those ppl who went here for shopping..

just to make sure we can contact each other in case we got lost/separated from each other LOL

it's legit a paris (in java island) lol

gigih nak tengok fast 4 sampai ke bandung OTL /nottt

oh and this mall got daiso too! but the price is not fixed to rm5 per item (like in malaysia), so.. mehhh~ lol

then we went to stone cafe for dinner, located at dago atas somewhere on top of a hill few kms away from paris van java. haha. just like lookout point ampang (if u ever been there tho~ LOL). i'll write abt it in my next post. toodles!~

things i bought today. but only 2 of them are mine. the others went to the stupid fugtards who took my luggage away~ sobseu