Sunday, 31 March 2013

lunafly fanmeeting at publika.

went to publika (solaris dutamas) after work to see LUNAFLY! all the way from korea~ lol. i've been digging and watching their videos on youtube since they always do covers, such perfect covers! their voices really complement each other, but ofc my favourite one! ㅋㅋㅋ when they announced that they'll be coming here to malaysia, i was super excited tbh lol but the ticket is quite expensive! =.= and i can't really spend more and more money, cause bangkok trip (to see my 2PM oppars!) is going to happen in few days~ kkk. so yeah. i just opted for a public fanmeeting then = ]

so on friday, i went to publika alone, since i don't really haz friends/tlist who were into LUNAFLY like me? ㅠㅠ lol. except tira! so i went there, a bit early (coz i parked my car everyday at monorail titiwangsa which is just few KMs away lol) and wait til tira came. i didn't see any familiar faces (at every kpop events..few years back) tho. is this a sign of aging? i'm not really into general kpop anymore and rarely went to all these events, except for my favourites OR if i got free tickets LOL.

around 8pm, their van came and everyone were shouting like crazy! lol. this is my first time seeing them live (duhh..ofc) and for the first time, i bring my samsung nx1000 camera (with that super big a$$ lens lol). the main objective is actually to test it before i bring it to bangkok next week kkk. the best thing is, i can capture 435627887267349202 yun's pics and took fancams when he do all those cutesy stuff lol. he's so cute i don't even!! OTL.

there were some game slots, where lucky fan who bought ticket for the showcase tmrw will have a chance to play games with the boys on stage. one of the games was the lucky fan can request them to do anything and they must do it lol). so she requested them to do gwiyomi. i was haha but they were acting cute while doin it (duhh..ofc, it's gwiyomi kots), so ok la.

this is yun 

this is sam ㅋㅋㅋ  sorry! =p

this is teo~ your hair is too fluffy kkk

during game session

for the rest of my fantaken pics lol, HERE.

and my fancams! ahaha

they sang super hero.. one of my favourites!~ kkk

when teo was teaching gwiyomi to everyone and yun has to do it lol

and this 3 minutes fancam of cutesy moment with yun! lol!

for the rest of my fancam. you can check my playlist --> HERE lol

check out LUNAFLY's youtube channel too, their voices are really good! ㅋㅋ #freepromotion

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

spaghetti aglio olio.

made aglio olio last weekend cuz i was craving for it. well aglio olio is an italian dish and the so-called complicated name came from aglio (garlic) & olio (oil), hence explained the simplicity. LOL. so here's the recipe, aglio olio malay style~ hahah. oh, i made this for 2 serves.

ingredients :- 

1 genggam spaghetti (agak2 je ler utk mkn 2 org)
5 ulas bawang putih
1/2 biji bawang besar holland (or ape2 negara la lol)
1/2 biji capsicum (aku gune hijau sbb nk nmpk colourful kkk)
1/2 tea spoon serbuk blackpepper kasar
1 tea spoon chilli flakes (x jumpe kat aeon, so i used 3 tangkai cili kering OTL)
1 bowl of seafood (shrimp & mussels)
2 sudu besar minyak zaitun garam secukup rasa

how to do :-

1) celurkan spaghetti sampai lembut & toskan. (* lepas tos, bubuh sikit beberapa titik olive oil a.k.a minyak zaitun dan gaul rata supaya spaghetti lembap & x melekat).

2) sementara tunggu spaghetti dicelur (agak lame la jgk dlm 10-15 min), potong segala bawang dan capsicum dan cili kering.

3) masukkan 1 sudu besar minyak zaitun lalu tumiskan bawang dan masukkan capsicum ke dalam frying pan tersebut.

4) setelah naik bau, masukkan spaghetti yang telah dicelur tadi.

5) masukkan seafood. kacau lame sikit make sure sume masak~ jangan mentah2 lak ko hidang hahaha.

6) bubuh chilli flakes, serbuk blackpepper dan garam secukup rase.

7) hidangkan lol.

doesn't look scrumptious but i kinda like the taste~ lol /puji diri likeabiss

p/s: seems like cooking is my 2nd best talent (after fan-girling). LOL!