Sunday, 31 July 2011

we're one of the finalists!

see thaaatt. our photo is listed in the finalists video! kkk

this is the photo lol (edited & submited by rina)

i think i just published the post about this soompi contest last monday lol then suddenly this morning kakton and rina tweeted that soompi has announced the finalists! and guess what? we're one of them! asdfsghdskjdjsfdjkdsdsgjsgdshj am i dreaminggg? :') even my junho bb did mentioned something about ma-lae-sia in the video lmaooo. after being a hottest for 2 yrs i never heard this word coming from his mouth lol :') perhaps he mentioned it while watching our entry? cuz there's only 1 finalist from malaysia. and that's us !! LOL super happy ide !! xDDD

i lapyuuu girls my hottesteu kkk kakton timot rina. and a big thanks to the photographer, kakton's friend (sry i forgot your name =.=) and to rina too for editing & submitting the photo! <3

this is the vid lol :-