Friday, 16 August 2013




and D-16 til..



Sunday, 4 August 2013

trip to bandung 2013 - day 1: paskal food market.

so after toko tiga, we got too hungry. and it's dinner time! so we decided to have our dinner at paskal food market. made research abt this place earlier lol. it is located at jalan pasir kaliki, just few mins away from our hotel hehe. it's kinda like a food court, with 435632733727 small kiosk (?) but in its own class! a very nice place to have your dinner while having some live music under a moonlight~ lmao.

saw this on our way to this place. intan's prudential is haunting us like EVERYWHERE! lol

yeay reached paskal food market already!

nice isn't it?

i had bakso kecil for 15,000 IDR (~ rm4.50) and strawberry banana for 25,000 IDR (~ rm7.50) or pink panther we called it here in malaysia~ - at murni precisely lol.

p/s: for muslims, do look for halal sign, don't just simply order ok~ ya knw what i mean kkk

bought bakso kecil here - at bakso MALANG orz

order -> they gave you an invoice -> pay here first -> just sit and wait -> they'll come and find youuu

my bakso kecil and strawberry banana! yup it's not enough so i have to cilok yani and nad's gurame terbang OTL

took by cecep! kkk

.............. i don't even want to order this

and we went back to hotel after that. brain and my whole body is no longer functioning lol. unwrapped everything, put em all in luggage, then sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. coz tomorrow is going to be another long day - 3245673839 factory outlets mission! ok see u in my next post bye~

the damage for the day - for 5 ppl lol /patah pinggang