Tuesday, 2 August 2011

we won the soompi contest!

lmaoooooooooooo asdfgdjsskjdsdsddjsdshdkjd !! i just... can't breathe !! xDDD. i was waiting for the stupid train at that time when suddenly i saw my tlists tweets and said "u guys won con---" ofc i clicked on the link immediately without finished reading their tweet. it's a vid from 2pm themselves - announcing the winners !!  i was speechless OTL OTL OTL and finally at 1.31 there it goes when taec's said "the winner for humor..from malaysia..rinakeiko!" OMG my heart stops. LOL exaggerating much. but it was the true story hahaha. but the weird thing is we won in humor photo category? lmaoo wth i don't get where's the funny part lolol but whatever. as long as we win this !! haha. we're a bunch of gag noonas anyways lmao /bricked/ 

as the picture says "everybody put your hands up and get your teh tarik up!" i hope it will make them come to malaysia soon and taste it themselves kkk. oh the teh tarik place was the same mapley as where 2am went when they were here for 2am showcase last few months hehe. go tell the boys how nice teh tarik is ! LOL. omg i'm still happy and essaited hahaha. cuz for me, this is like the daebakiest thing ever happened to me in my kpop/hottest life LOL. all thanks to rina, kakton, timah and kakton's friend (photographer hehe). and to all my hottest tlist who spazz together like craycray with us yesterday lol airobyou guys. and also to all who congratulate us, thanks !! xDDD. wth am i giving a thank you speech bahahaha. airobyou all !! <333