Friday, 31 October 2014

the owls cafe.

went to the owls cafe with my otp last... few weeks (i dont even remember when lol). it is located at bukit jalil. if you're familiar with murni discovery bukit jalil, yes this cafe is located at those shop blocks (jalil link? or something), still along jalan jalil perkasa.

it's located at the first floor of block 5, above chatime and few shops away from oldtown

the owls cafe sign everywhereee

now let's go to their signature dish. what's so special about this cafe? well it's a cafe and not a restaurant so don't expect to find any main course dish here. all they have is.... drinks and waffle! haha it's better that way, to focus on few dishes only rather than have 43568229 menu but none suited your taste lol. anyway their waffle is to die for~ i've tried 'rebecca' waffle and i must say.. it's not overrated. you might wanna come again once you tasted it lol.

my 'rose latte' and 'rebecca' waffle! yummy!

list of drinks

list of waffles. feel like trying 'the queen' after this!

it's quite packed especially on weekends so you might want to come early (they open at 10am). sometimes rebecca might get out of stock too! too bad~ but that shows how popular she is lol. and they play nice soothing songs too, 내스타일이야! lol. and i just love the ambiance.

and if you're wondering, you won't find any owl here (except for the owl painting lol). maybe the owner loves owl, i dont know. there's owl cafe at seoul & osaka.. and i know they do have owl. LOL.. maybe they can consider to bring a live owl here to attract more people. ORZ

12-1, 1st floor, block 5, jalan jalil jaya 6, bukit jalil, 57000 kuala lumpur

how to go:
set your waze/google map to THIS location!

business hours:
mon: close
tue-thu: 10am - 7pm
fri-sat: 10am - 11pm
sun: 10am - 7pm

instagram: HERE
facebook: HERE

i'll start writing all my cafehopping activities (coz i'm lifeless like that). i don't have anything else to write anyway.. til then, toodles!~

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