Sunday, 19 October 2014

back to blogging mood.

so yes, i haven't yet finished writing about my japan trip.. and other trips lol. i'll just list it down here, pending or whatnot (cause i'm an OCD, i CAN'T leave anything without a list omg my tragic life). and cause i love travelling so much all my future posts will basically revolves around my trip journal.. and cafe hopping activity.. and some kpop stuff lol wow what a boring life.

but whatever i'm back to blogging mood (cause i have LOTSSS of free time now) lol.


1. trip to seoul - blogged about them HERE
2. trip to bangkok
3. trip to singapore
4. trip to sabah
5. trip to jakarta - a short weekend trip so no need to blog? lol


1. trip to bangkok
2. trip to bandung - blogged about them HERE
3. trip to seoul
4. trip to singapore - a short weekend trip so no need to blog? lol


1. trip to singapore - gonna start blog about it soon (lol really?)
2. trip to japan (tokyo & osaka) - wrote 2 posts just for DAY 1 lol HERE (finish it faster!)
3. trip to brunei - gonna start blog about it soon
4. trip to hong kong - gonna start blog about it soon
5. trip to bangkok - gonna start blog about it soon (self, just pls keep your promise)

i should stop visiting thailand, indonesia & south korea tbh. i really wanna visit other countries too e.g australia & vietnam etc just to name a few lol. can 2PM include these countries in their tour list so i can go thereeeeeeeee (well 70% of my trips are because of 2PM u know about it already right).

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