Wednesday, 22 October 2014

mili mo from malaysia, again ㅋㅋㅋ.

it was mwave meet & greet event with 2PM last friday (only wooyoung & chansung presented tho.. others are busy lol). it was raining that evening so i fell asleep and didn't stream through mwave website. woke up around 7++ and suddenly i got few twitter notifications from tlist saying that they (woo & chan) read my message! OMFGGGGG lol people said best thing always happen when you didn't expect it. and it's true omg?

this was like my 3rd mwave m&g attempt. the first one is with taec for his okcat stuff, bought okcat mobile charm and didn't get picked. the 2nd one is with GOT7, bought 4 albums (LIKE WTF) and didn't get picked (LIKE SRSLY WTF). and this is the 3rd one.. with my ultimate love, 2PM~ lol. i even promised myself that i'm just gonna buy 1 album, cause i already dead broke with 2 go crazy albums - normal & grand edition plus i just came back from bangkok for go crazy tour trip. if i didn't get picked this time, it's gonna be my last mwave m&g attempt and i'm just gonna say byebye to oppars lol. but it didn't happen!! SO YES I'LL STICK WITCHU FOREVER OPPAR KEEP PRODUCING MORE ALBUMS & GOODS and i'll be declared bankrupt by the age of 27.

thanks to my eye-catchy DP (that famous yellow rubber duck) tbh i know either one of them will get attracted with this duck lmfaooo. anyway thank u oppars for reading my message! it's truly came from my heart i just have to let it out somewhere. it's so true that i'm (and other MYHottest too) getting poorer each day because we always need to travel overseas to attend their concert & tour, just because they didn't come to our country! LOL as if we can't make any choice. was a bit worried at first cause i'm scared these 2 non-english speakers will have trouble in reading those english messages but whatever u guys are great and we really appreciate your effort! kkk thank u oppars 사랑해! <3

lmfao chansung's 'OPPAAAAAARSS' is so qt ide

so this is like my 2nd already. the first one was from junho back in 2011 (wrote about it HERE lol). well wooyoung is better cause he said 'mili mo' perfectly instead of 'miri mo' lolol /side eyes someone ㅋㅋ

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